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I am a Python/Django web developer who is based in the Philippines.

I sometimes forget taking my meal because of enjoying building my software.

“Impossible” is not acceptable to me. There are many ways to kill a cat.

Attitude is a difference maker, but never a replacement to skill, talent and growth I am committed to.

As academic scholar of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), I studied engineering at a university and passed the Licensure Exam.

Being passionate in programming, I learned using Python programming language and Django web framework through building and creating projects.

I took up Diploma in Computer Science at a university where I learned the basic programming concepts and technologies.

I worked with Transcom as an Application Developer for almost 3 years, using Python during my last year with the company. And since 2011 until now, I’ve been a contractor of BoydCreative Ltd., Australia as Django web developer for all their websites and apps.